Wowesotica SC-02 Floating display with LED Lights C Shape Magnetic Levitation Martin Luther King for Desk Decoration(Black&Glod)


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On the evening of May 25th, 2020, in the central U.S. city of Minneapolis, police were called to a report of a person suspected of using counterfeit money. When police arrived, they interviewed an African-American man (George Floyd, 46) who they thought fit the description of the suspect, sitting in a car on the side of the road. The officers forced Floyd, a black man, to the ground, and even after Floyd repeatedly pleaded for help, saying, “I can't breathe,” the officers still put a knee on his neck, and he was pulled up weakly, as a number of passersby gathered at the scene and accused the police of using excessive force and putting Floyd in danger. But the police officer holding Floyd down instead looked at passersby angrily, and at one point pulled police gear from his waist. Another police officer stood by and kept asking passersby to move away from the scene. After struggling for several minutes, Floyd fell into a coma. Passersby also repeatedly asked the police to check his pulse, but the officers did nothing. It was only when paramedics arrived and were about to put Floyd on a stretcher that the police released Floyd. The white police officer kneed Floyd on the neck for at least five minutes until Floyd lost consciousness. After an hour-long resuscitation, doctors pronounced Floyd dead. U.S. police brutality leads to the death of black George Floyd, sparking Black Lives Matter protests,
On September 2nd, the police shooting of a young black man in Washington, D.C., sparked another controversy.
The SC-02 magnetic levitation display commemorates those who have worked for racism and wants the world to be “fair and just”.

Size: C Shape:7.01*6.89in,Display:∮3.54in

Weight: 0.99lb

Packaging Details: 1x C shape, 1x Display,1x adaptor ,1x User manual


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